As we all know, the current world faces numerical challenges, especially during Covid19 Pandemic. Yes, many predicted new world order would be taking in charge but never knew that was so soon in 2020 itself. Government, Businesses, Investor, Builder, Developer, Scientist, Silicon Valley Giant, Big Data Expert, Professor, Travel agent, Resort and Hotel Owner and people are all equally effected with this Pandemic. Sometimes its teach us a great lesson than our parent, school and life education.
So, what is next? Learn to live with Pandemic, or strive for success, or manage the current situation? Indeed a hypothetical case. Adviser and expert saying, don’t invest, reduce current expenses, upgrade your skills and knowledge and so many unprejudiced recommendations. This advice is given base on the pandemic effects or next 5, 10, 20 years plan ?
What I know, we have killed the ecology under the name of the economy; we destroy the human sense under the name of individual success. And now after Pandemic all come together to praise the frontliner regardless of race and competencies. We started to spend naturally than overspending and learnt to be more careful than before.
Being in the education industry for the past 14 years, I have learnt many new things, meet people in thousand in all over the world and explore many dimensions of personal development. But coming from a Software Engineering background yet I never thought online education would smash the education field even Canada, USA and UK leading the Online education a decade ago. We realise learning and growing today faces different concepts and adopt to Online Technology. Its seems much more effective but never know how far We will take our own sweet time to embrace those changes. I have witnessed under development country, and no so develop government already taking huge steps towards Online transformation. So we badly need Digital Transfer the way to live our life better.
The road and guide are not clear, yet we can conclude Online Education or live via online support became so fundamental. My wish that all government agencies, policy writer, politician, SME, GLC, GOC and MNC to sincerely look into online element to practices daily routine as much as possible without jeopardising people livelihood (Maybe with UBI). If we have come so far until here and gone many planets out there, I’m sure there is a way to develop such a system for every human well being.
Until then, let’s work together to fight C19 to set the most outstanding example to the previous and upcoming generation that we are worth living people in this society now.

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