Dr. Frank Xavier Arokiasamy

Dr. Frank Xavier Arokiasamy


Frank is a highly motivated individual who exhibits passion in every task he undertakes.  He has the ability to propagate this passion along with his positive mental optimistic approach to everyone he comes in contact with both in a personal and professional sense.  He has worked as a university lecturer, coach, corporate consultant, and trainer for a wide range of clients in several different countries including in Asia, the United States, and several countries in Europe.  Having lived in the United States for 27 years, Frank offers a fresh international perspective on issues. His affable manner promotes a working culture that is fun and positive and this extends generally to the peoples he works with, consults for and the audience he has trained.

 Frank has a doctorate in Economics (concentrations – Economic Development, International Trade & Finance, and Econometrics) with a minor in Finance.  He also possesses and Bachelors’s in Marketing.  He also is a successful entrepreneur and is the CEO and owner of several personal and partnership businesses.  As a consultant, the solutions and concepts that are shared are often unique and interesting. Some of this unique perspective comes from his extensive travel and several stints of living abroad in the United States, Singapore, China, and of course Malaysia.  He maintains residences and operates businesses both in Malaysia and the US.

 Some of the companies he has worked for and done training programs with include HSBC, Citibank, Bank of China, BRDB, MOHE, PETRONAS, WHO, TM Net, CELCOM, MAXIS, UTHM, FGA, Lexis Nexus, Star, FELDA, RENESAS, Kementerian Kesihatan Negeri Sembilan, NESTLE and several others.

 He has led and conducted training programs in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Communication, CSR, GST, Handling Change, Strategic Management. Treasure Hunt, Soft Life Skills,  Interviewing, Public Speaking, Presentations skills, and many more.


My Education

Southern Illinois University

PhD. Major: Economics Minor: Finance

Southern Illinois University

Bachelor Major: Marketing Minor: Economics

My Experience

Federation University Australia

Associate Professor and Student Intervention Faculty

Malaysian University of Science and Technology

Associate Professor, Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Marketing

Senior Trainer

Independent and Consultant

Aqu Inc.

President and Consultant

Custom Rotary Converting

Vice-President – Finance

InterWorld Group

Regional Director – Asia and US , General Manager – Singapore and Business Manager

Avanti Group

Chief Financial Officer

Southern Illinois University (Econ. Dept.) and (Athletics Dept.)

Lecturer , Researcher and Assistant Field Hockey Coach


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