Ananthy Sankaran

 Ananthy Sankaran


Ms. Ananthy Sankaran holds a degree in Economics
(B. Econs.- Business Administration) and Masters in Civilization
Studies (M.A.Civilization) from University Malaya. She is also
Human Resource Development Council’s Approved Trainer /
Speaker- (53)PSMB/22/1/12Klt71).

Total of 26 years of working experience in the sales, tele-
communication, education and training industry (18 years), she

has developed vast experience in the full spectrum of many
Management Development areas.
Warm and approachable, she also won the prestigious
“Best In-house Trainer” award from a top notch Training and
Consultancy firm in the country.
She has also appeared in local Astro TV morning-talk show. Based
in Kuala Lumpur, she has trained participants from Maldives,
Vietnam, Kenya, Singapore, India, Indonesia and Brunei. Her
soft-skills programs are conducted as Public courses or as In-house
for GLC companies, Multinationals and government bodies.
Her areas of expertise or most popular training workshops are
Time Management, Multi-tasking, Thinking Skills, Motivation,
Communication, Leadership, Customer Service, Supervisory,
Self-improvement, Change Management, Interpersonal Skills,
Time Management, Teambuilding, Managerial / Executive /
Clerical Development, and many other Administrative
Skill enhancement programs.

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