GIG Economy is a new formula of the market for Job placement rather independent worker in other word is a freelancer. However, GIG is a new concept among Malaysian but been placed in a developing nation.

GIG Job is a set of desired work inspired by an individual to pursue to generate income instead of Full-time job and even entrepreneurship. The individual can set any kind of job using technology to create a solution for public on daily basis.

Example of GIG job:

Deliverer: Driving or delivering is also quite a popular form of earning additional income through gig economy jobs like foodpanda, grab and lalamove.

Photographer: High-quality camera and love taking photos, may become a freelance photographer and take pictures at social events, weddings or other celebrations. Some photos taken can be a digital asset and people can do mass-selling over the internet.

Instagram marketer or influencer: Being a keen Instagrammer can turn out quite profitable in a gig economy environment. Many Instagram users sell products through their feeds and you can advertise those goods through the account and page.

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