TVET or Traditional, Still Same If..

TVET or Traditional, Still Same If..

Today world is undergoing a massive paradigm shift and yet many forces yet to predict. Entire occupations, jobs, businesses, and industries are expanding and contracting very much at an alarming pace, and the skills needed to keep up in almost any job are churning at a faster rate.

There are two simultaneous forces unset­tling workers who are wondering if there will be enough jobs in the future to gainfully employ them. First, automation and artificial intelligence threaten to dis­place not only blue-collar workers performing routine jobs but white-collar employees in knowledge industries. Second, the emergence of the gig economy is reshaping the traditional employer-employee relationship as more contractors fill roles once reserved for full-time workers. Studies clearly show most informative jobs or even intellectual person will be irrelevant in the next few decades, Thus we a have to work something else far more tremendously to gain our employment or even business who are still in the traditional or modern era.

In the coming few years, the job market required advanced knowledge and skills and rather than ordinary even TVET skills. Therefore, we are required to be more learnable and develop our self-study skills to manage things more profoundly.

We believe, true learning attitude among younger generation now a day is the ultimate issue. Studies discovered the youngest generation Malaysians have lesser abilities to learn. It became extremely hard for educational Institute to nurture values in them.

We should focus on educating people to be more learnable. Global records show, guide, advise, teaching, coaching and recommendation can only bring an individual to a certain level. Absolute success can only be obtained via Self Studies. Most younger generation’s are poor in self-studies as current education pampered them too much.

Any level of effort to empower people will just fail if they are not ready to learn or in other word self-study.

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Sathya Murasen Singgal Rain, Origin Academy

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