Positive or Probability Year

Positive or Probability Year

Well, the first thing we do in 2019, not to look back or gossip 2018.
People saying think and work current and move on for 2020.

But for many 2019 might be a year of confusion or conclusion towards task that they carried out themselves. So the decision made right or wrong?

Starting from a politician who won and lost, an employee who wishes to stay current job by securing it with certificates, and employee made a decision to move, businessman venturing was halted by their perception of insecurities, entrepreneurs who embark foreign market, first home buyer who didn’t commit due to expecting bubble break, teenagers who pursue tertiary education and those chosen to enrol skills institution locally or internationally. Almost all in confusion and some worried the choices was concluded concretely might be going wrong in 2019 or 2020.

Was this lead by global uncertainty, changes in local government or even ASEAN poor economy collaboration tie with the Middle East and Europe. A truly debatable scenario only bring to a solid solution if the external elements are stable like politics, economic spurring and social well being. However, many individuals do fail to understand many other personal source need to improve in this challenging and speedy year of 2019.

Despite many forces who create economic empowerment, political stabilities, social well being and healthy lifestyle, its incredibly important to level up themselves to be competent to look for a high paid job, to be competitive in the business market or even knowledgeable to empower their desired goals. Once again personal upskilling and reskilling is an important or mandatory task for many regardless of business or wage earner. Acquiring full potential day by day will make every individual unfold the genius and capacity between them to face the world profoundly and meaningfully.

2019, it may take whatever reason to flip the year faster than before, We Malaysian, shouldn’t give up to progress and continue to seek ways to attain full personal potential by using the time and opportunity wisely.

Let’s create a joyful and meaningful 2019 by making Positive and not Probabilities year…

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