54 years of age and was working as a QC Consultant for
European Investors. My main responsibilities were to do
Quality Control audits for companies or businesses which
they wish to invest or acquire around the world. I also
do company re-engineering and re-structuring for their
existing companies.
I was head hunted by “International Head-hunters” and
offered this job in November 2007 and was doing this until
mid- 2013.

During this tenure I travelled to many parts of the world
eg. Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Korea, Japan,
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Africa, Mexico,
America, Holland, Portugal, France, Germany and many
Middle-east countries.

Being too tired of travelling, I decided to pull all these
experiences and resources together and started off my own
training and consulting company in order to train, guide and
develop local companies to achieve greater profits and hit
international stan:lards by doing company re-engineering
and re-structuring. I also do public and in-house training and
My expertise are in extensive blended learning approach
(on-ground interactive sessions and online curriculum
permanent access, short-track seminars from experts and
company visits).

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